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NISSIN Foods Group Announces Global Partnership Agreement with Manchester United Football Club.


NISSIN Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. has entered into a 3-year global partnership deal with English professional football club, Manchester United Football Club (MAN UTD) starEng on July 1, 2014.

NISSIN Foods Group (NISSIN) is the pioneer of instant noodles with its founder invenEng the world’s first instant noodles, “Chicken Ramen,” in 1958. NISSIN is gaining speed to achieve a 1 trillion yen sales, implementing global strategy.

This partnership with MAN UTD who dedicates to be the best in the world is the first step for NISSIN to become true global brand. Inspired by founder’s principle of “Food and sports are the wheels to drive health.” and embracing its corporate philosophy of a “Spirit of Challenge,” NISSIN entered into this partnership with MAN UTD. NISSIN’s objecEve is to communicate this spirit to the world and transcend language barrier through sports.

To become “NISSIN of the World” from “NISSIN of Japan,”

NISSIN keeps their challenge to reach higher goal, together with MAN UTD.

Comment From Koki Ando, CEO of NISSIN Foods Holdings Co., LTD.

“NISSIN will start a new project in collaboration with athletes and sports teams. Our slogan for this project is ‘HUNGRY TO WIN.’ We strongly believe we can ‘ignite a spirit of challenge across the world.’ by our partnership with Manchester United who is the best in the world in name and in reality.”

Comment from Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director of Manchester United Football Club.

“We are delighted to welcome NISSIN into our exclusive family of Global Partners. The global demand for its instant noodles is over 105 billion servings per year and NISSIN has a long tradiEon of innovaEon, challenging the industry with their products, setting a standard that has been emulated the world-­‐over. NISSIN also has a proven record of supporting leading sports organizations, making them a fittng global partner for Manchester United and we look forward to working together.”

About Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful sports teams in the world, playing one of the most popular spectator sports on Earth. Through our 136-­‐ year heritage we have won 62 trophies, enabling us to develop the world’s leading sports brand and a global community of 659 million followers. Our large, passionate community provides Manchester United with a worldwide pladorm to generate significant revenue from mulEple sources, including sponsorship, merchandising, product licensing, new media & mobile, broadcasEng and match day.

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About NISSIN Foods Group

NISSIN Foods Group is the pioneer of instant noodles, with its founder, Momofuku Ando, inventing the world's first instant noodles, "Chicken Ramen" in 1958. While instant noodles have their roots in Japan, today instant noodles have grown to the world food consumed at a rate of over 100 billion servings throughout the globe. Following the invention of instant noodles, Mr. Ando develoed the world's first cup-­‐type instant noodles, "CUP NOODLES" in 1971. CUP NOODLES are sold in over 80 countries-­‐in Asia as well as in Americas, Europe, and other continent of the world.

In order to revolutionary food culture around the world, NISSIN Foods Group as “EARTH FOOD CREATOR” is committed to pursuing the various possibilities of foods that bring forth deliciousness with dreams. Moreover, through enriching mankind with the fun and joy that come from food, the company strives to serve for society and the world at large.

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